Freelance Editor

A seasoned proofreader and editor with a significant legacy of improving standards and facilitating excellence for 20 years, I have delivered industry recognised projects in a wide range of written genres, from academic texts, through poetry and fiction, to technical engineering reports. On-going daily projects include technical reports for a global insurance company, legal texts for an American client and academic editing for a European customer. I also fulfill several demanding roles within the education sector, ranging from school leadership, as Principal, to strategic and public advocacy, as Vice President of the National Association of Head Teachers.

Academic Texts

As an academic myself, proofreading, editing and cleaning academic texts is of particular interest to me. I have worked on a range of forms, including academic proposals, ethics applications, PhD theses, executive summaries and research reports, in many fields, including medicine, education and finance.

Legal Texts

As a very capable editor of legal texts, I have worked very successfully for companies throughout Europe and across the world, on court proceedings, legal letters, acts, bills, pleadings, agreements, contracts and many highly confidential legal materials.

Technical Texts

I have daily contracts to review and edit engineering and technical reports relating to risk, insurance and industrial processes. Familiar with technical language, syntax and structure, I work within the tight parameters of carefully defined writing standards.